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Need a small business loan?
Get a cash advance instead... Wired directly to your bank account

Are you lacking excellent credit scores?
No problem, credit score is not an issue!

Does your business accept credit cards as a form of payment?
Use your future sales to get the cash you need today!

Get cash for your business in as little as 72 hours...
Wired directly to your bank account

You can quality for $2500 to $200,000
You can receive funding in as little as 10-days
A small percentage of your credit card transactions pay off the cash advance

  Business Cash Advance...
Sign Up Now! - Receive $2500 to $200,000 Fast*

Finally…an alternative to traditional bank loans

If you answered yes to all three questions then you can qualify for a cash advance on your future credit card sales. This type of funding, called receivables factoring allows you to sell your future receivables at a discount so that you can use funding for your small business. Use for equipment purchases, advertising, renovations, expansion, working capital, restaurant equipment, and more.

Welcome to the instant credit website. FDIS® helps small businesses with innovative merchant accounts that can advance you cash on your future receivables. Your cash advance is based on future anticipated credit card processing volume. There are no fixed monthly payments, instead a portion of your monthly credit card transactions is deducted until your advance is paid back.

An instant credit approval from your merchant account? "When you sign up and use the Business Financial Services program, your future credit card receivables are purchased, money is advanced to your business right away!".

The Business Financial Services® program was designed to help businesses by providing the cash they need. It allows businesses to get working capital, equipment, and other types of business funding even if they can not secure financing through banks or traditional lenders.

You can quality if...

bullet Your business accepts Visa and MasterCard
bullet You process a minimum of $4000/month
bullet You’ve been in business at least 1 year
bullet You can provide 3 months credit card processing statements (if not seasonal) and 12
months statements if your business is seasonal.

After approval get funding instantly wired to your bank account. Use the business cash advance for inventory purchases, expansion, remodeling, acquisition, advertising or any other needs you have for your business. It’s the best alternative to traditional bank loans. Its like having an instant credit line! Instant cash from your merchant account future sales.

bullet No Closing Costs
bullet No Application of start-up fees
bullet 95% approval rate
bullet Approvals within 24 hours or less
bullet No collateral
bullet Good credit not required
bullet There is no set term to pay off the advance
bullet No hidden fees
bullet Fast approval - Get cash in as little as 72 hours wired directly to your bank account!
bullet No financial/tax returns required
bullet Not personally liable
bullet Tax deductible
bullet Lower rates on credit card processing. Save Money
bullet No fixed repayment schedule. We only get paid when you get paid
bullet Quick application with funding to all 50 states
bullet Does not show as debt or as a loan on your credit!

A small percentage of your credit card transactions pay off the cash advance.

Cash Advance

The CASH ADVANCE PROGRAM a type of funding, called receivables factoring, allows a merchant to sell their future receivables at a discount so that they can use funding for working capital, equipment purchases, advertising, renovations, expansion and more.


A Cash Advance provides small business owners with the ability to raise needed capital. We advance Cash by purchasing a pre-determined amount of your business's sales volume sold through your credit card merchant account.

Why haven't I heard of this before?

Cash Advances or receivables financing as it is referred to in the banking industry has been around since the 1950's. It wasn't until a few years ago that retailers, restaurant owners and service businesses could take advantage of this type of funding.
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Not all merchant accounts are alike. Find out if you qualify for the business cash advance program. It may provide a steady flow of cash when you need it.

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